you spend lots of time in the car So it's worth it to eradicate germs & odors


We have the equipment to do it right

It could be something as innocuous as a lingering food smell after that Chinese takeout fell on the floor while you were driving. It could be something as irritating as buying a car and then finding out it’s got a faint smoke odor. Or it could be as dangerous as finding out the coworker you took to lunch tested positive for COVID-19. In any of those scenarios, our industrial-grade cleaning agents and heavy-duty ozone machine can remove odors and nuke viruses—giving you far less to worry about.

it's a four-step process

Step 1

initial chemical surface decontamination

We address every touch point on the inside of your car, cleaning it with industrial-strength products that are gentle on your interior, but that nevertheless remove surface dangers.

Step 2

ozone air filtration

Because of its potency and the way it reacts with molecules in air, ozone works amazingly at removing unwanted odors and killing airborne viruses like COVID-19. We place an ozone generator inside your car’s cabin for a set amount of time.

Step 3

cabin air filter replacement

Cabin air filters trap exactly the sorts of irritating odors we’re looking to remove. So, if necessary, we go ahead and swap your existing one for a fresh unit.

Step 4


We do a final run-through on all major touch surfaces with our chemical agents, to remove any remaining contaminants before delivering your vehicle back to you.

Ready to make your car smell clean & feel safe?