Paint Correction

Ever been to the spa? It's exfoliation for your paint

Paint Correction Feature

Let us polish life back into your car

Your car is about four to six years old. The paint’s starting to look more than a bit dull, and you can see deep scratches and swirl marks in places. Well, before you trade it in, consider paint correction at Xtreme Reflections. When a wax job just don’t do it, we use our 3-step process to sand, cut and polish your paint back to its former glory. Give it a try; it’s far more economical than getting a whole new ride.

we can restore paint at all stages

Gloss Enhancement

Gloss Enhancement

Sometimes, your clear coat can lose some of its sheen and start to look flat, even while the paint underneath is fine. Xtreme Reflection can bring the gloss back to and even beyond its former glory

Full Correction

Full Correction

Whether your car just rolled out of the showroom or it just rolled over 100,000 miles, chances are it has imperfections in the paint. Our full correction takes it to a better-than-new shine.

Wet Sanding

It’s an intense process, but it’s worth it. We use varied pads, abrasives and polishes to remove even stubborn imperfections from your paint job.

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