Paint Protection

What beats fixing paint damage? Preventing it in the first place

there are two stages to this

Ceramic Coating

It's invisible, but highly effective

Your car comes from the factory with fresh paint and a fresh clear coat, gleaming like a diamond. And then life and the road conspire to damage it. Before long, you’re left with serious damage that takes real time and money to fix. So, what can you do? Well, you can have your car waxed. Or you can get a ceramic coating. Our ceramic coatings consist of a quartz-based solution applied evenly across all your car’s paintwork, acting as a buffer between it and everyday damage.

Our ceramic coating insulates against



Because the ceramic coating is hydrophobic, water–from sprinklers, rain or puddles–just beads and slides right off your car’s paint. It makes cleaning less frequent, and a breeze



Chemicals from bird droppings, insects, harsh cleaners and tree sap are the sworn enemies of your paint job. The ceramic coating takes the brunt of the assault, so your car doesn’t have to.

UV Rays

UV Rays

The sun is essential to life, but it’s also a very powerful force. And its UV rays eventually cause clearcoat failure and paint damage. But a ceramic coating provides an extra layer of defense.



You know those light scratches and scuffs? The ones that–on their own–don’t seem like much, but start to add up to a really bad paint job when you accumulate a lot of them? A ceramic coating really takes the bite of those.

For however long you need it

2-Year Ceramic Coat Coverage

Monza Primo

3-Year Ceramic Coat Coverage

Monza Primo+

4-5-Year Ceramic Coat Coverage

Monza Xtreme

But it's not just about the paint

Wheel-Off Service

Wheel-Off Service

We can take your wheels off and give them a proper cleaning, and then protect them with a ceramic coating

Interior Protection


We can help protect your interior against spills, stains and scuffs

IGL Coatings

Only the best for you and your ride

Xtreme Reflections is an authorized retailer for IGL Kenzo coatings, a superior set of products in the ceramic coating industry

Film Protective Coating

It's basically armor against the road

The road throws a whole lot at your car. Insects, sand and road debris all make contact with it as you race down the highway. This can cause all manner of ugly scratches and chips across your front end. We here at Xtreme Reflections don’t think that’s cool. That’s why we offer high-grade paint-protection film. We professionally apply a clear, durable and armored layored across vulnerable parts of your car. That way, your car’s paint stays fresh long after you take it home from the showroom.

Choose the level of coverage that's right for you

Standard Film Package


Covers the leading 24″ of the hood and fenders, the backs of the painted mirrors and the entire painted front bumper

Performance FIlm Package


Covers the entire hood, the backs of the painted mirrors and the entire painted front bumper


Covers the entire hood, the front fenders, the backs of the painted mirrors and the entire painted front bumper

Track Package Film Package

Track Package

Covers the entire hood, the front fenders, the backs of the painted mirrors, the entire painted front bumper, the rocker-panel areas and the area behind each rear wheel

Plus, prevent daily-use wear

Rear Bumper Load Protection

rear bumper load protection

Covers the painted bumper portion of the load area

Wear & Tear Pack

Covers the painted bumper portion of the load area, along with the handle recesses and trailing edges of the doors

10-Year Warranty for all film protection products

10-Year Warranty

We stand behind our products. That’s why all of our paint protection films come with a 10-year limited warranty. If it fails within that time, bring it back, and we’ll re-apply it—free of charge.

Ready to give your paint the protection it deserves?